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Stay Connected: Family, Community and Mental Health for Seniors

December 19, 2017 by HealthyFamilies BC

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Stay connected: family, community and mental health for seniors

One secret of aging well is to stay connected with family, friends and community. Share your time, life-experience, wisdom and humour with younger generations, and stay healthy, happy and engaged.

1. Share Valuable Life Skills with Grandchildren

If you’re a grandparent, there’s so much to share and enjoy with your grandchildren. By passing on your life skills, whether you’re a great cook, fisherman, or artist, you can enrich the lives of your grandchildren and create memories that will stay with them throughout their lives. Every contribution is valuable: from family recipes gathered in a notebook to time spent reading, walking, or berry picking. Plan nature walks and picnics to help your grandchildren limit their screen time.

2. Stay Connected to Community to Promote Mental Health

As you age, you may find yourself coping with periods of change and loss. Expanding your social circles is a great way to find connection and support in your community. Giving back and getting involved can help you stay healthy and positive despite life’s ups and downs. Click here for a list of resources.

3. Develop a Passion for Lifelong Learning

As a senior, you’ve probably learned a lot over the years. But aging doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. On the contrary, developing a habit of lifelong learning can help keep you engaged, happy, and connected to your community. You may even be able to share your skills with others by becoming a tutor, or mentor. Find out more.

4. Depression in Older Adults: Symptoms and Support

Symptoms of depression can be hard to see in older adults because many are reluctant to admit to being depressed. Changes in work status, loss and social isolation can often lead to depression. But once you seek help, and treatment, from your physician, there are many ways to reconnect to the community. Click to learn more.

We all need support from others throughout our lives. Meaningful social connections can raise your spirits and keep you healthy.

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